10 questions for The Engagement Party

Why go to a McEllis Brides Engagement Party? So future Brides and Grooms can experience a mock reception where they can be inspired, get ideas, sample vendors, share their vision, ask questions and prepare for their big day! Plus, it's SO MUCH FUN! The October Engagement Party was simply a blast! Located at the Hampton Crowne Plaza Hotel, this event celebrated future brides and grooms with food, dancing, give-aways and lots and lots of gorgeousness! If you missed it... don't fret... the next Engagement Party is November 26th from 3-6. Ready to party? Register at McEllisBrides.com. You don't wanna miss this one!!

10 good questions to ask potential vendors:

1) Are you available on my wedding date? That would be the first question to ask!

2) What services do you offer? You may find that they don't offer what you are looking for OR you may find that they have way more to offer than you expected!

3) What is your specialty? This will give you an idea of where their focus will be and what their strong points are.

4) How does the planning process go? This will tell you how the vendor prefers to communicate with you. They may want to meet personally or communicate by phone or email. 5) How many weddings will you be working on the same day as our wedding? This may seem like a silly question but you want to be sure you get their (or an associate of their) FULL attention on your wedding day.

6) Have you participated in a wedding at our venue site? Yes - Major Bonus! That means they are familiar with the space and have history with the staff there. Plus, you can ask for photos of their past events there and get some awesome design ideas!

7) How hands on can I be or do I have to be? If you are a DIYer, you want the ability to DIY. If you want to share your vision then show up for the event, you need to be sure they can handle that too!

8) Are there certain vendors you suggest working with? There is a definite benefit to having vendors who have worked together before. Since they have already formed a relationship, the planning and the day of the event will run smoother.

9) What are your payment terms? This is an important question! Some vendors require a deposit and some require full payment at time of booking. Ask what their payment schedule is and what forms of payment they accept.

10) If I choose you as a vendor, what should my budget be for your services? After sharing your vision with them, they should be able to give you an idea of what the cost will be. That will gauge whether their services are within your budget or give you an idea of what the budget should be. If they are over your budget, don't fret. You can always ask how they can tweak your ideas to save some cash.

Be prepared to ask questions, take notes and book your date. Don't find the perfect vendor match then find out later that the vendor booked another event on your special day. That would be totally disappointing. Good vendors book up quick so don't delay. Besides, the sooner you check off your check off list, the sooner you can sit back and count down the days to the BEST DAY EVER!!!!

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